Water; the freebie you should bag today

Since coming back to Uni, I must admit my healthy eating regime has not gone as well as I had planned. I had forgotten the effort involved in actually remembering to go to Asda to stock up the cupboard. Not having healthy ingredients, or any at all for that matter, readily available has caused me to fall into the bracket of the stereotypical Uni eater; takeaways, Tesco meal deals and chocolate for dinner when it has been a particularly trying day.


However, I have found a solution to this problem that has acted as the first stepping stone on the way to becoming a health conscious individual once more; WATER!

Believe it or not, this simple free substance has improved so much for me since consciously drinking the recommended amount daily. I feel less tired, my skin has taken on a more humanly acceptable colouring as opposed to that tinted grey look most students are sporting these days, and I feel less hungry, curbing my mismanaged snacking that carries on throughout the day.


I know to some the thought of drinking all that water sounds boring. Why have water when  you can have an Oasis or Coke? They taste much better and look way more exciting than any old bottle of transparent, flavourless fluid. This was a question I quickly learnt the answer to by means of some random experimentation. Adding lemon, berries, coconut, lime or anything else you think may flavour the water with a more exotic tang, makes this daily habit stick so much better. I now look forward to my bottles of water, rather than stare at them bracing myself for the endless toilet trips and the less than appealing digestion of a whole litre in one go to ensure I inhale the right amount.



Water is free and as a student this is a concept I appreciate very much. Preparing numerous bottles with various added extras the night before and leaving them to cool in the fridge, is a good way to make sure you’ll stick with it. It’s almost like meal prepping for water I suppose!


The recommended water intake amount is two litres daily which amounts to about eight glasses. I use the Daily Water Free app from the iTunes store to make keeping track of the intake that much easier.


Having your own water bottle is a good idea. It means you can top up where ever you are and screams NO EXCUSE! Not to mention you can have loads of fun choosing a cute one to fit in your bag.


S’well Bottle 


bkr bottles

Trust me when I say, this tried and tested suggestion is worth it. Water really is the elixir of life. If you still don’t believe me try it out for yourself. I’m betting that within a few days you too will be drawn in to the ways of water!


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