Review: Case Company

I was approached by Case Company via email last week asking me to review their company. Not one to say no to freebies, I happily obliged and do not regret my decision in the slightest.

The company, based in Ghent, Belgium, is a website run retailer selling the most beautiful phone and laptop cases for Apple, OnePlus, Nokia, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony, Huawei and Motorola devices.

I personally own an iPhone 6, so obviously went for that model in a marble design. For the longest time I have wanted the marble case with back Times New Roman font initials every girl has on Instagram, so decided this was my chance to get my hands on one.




The company have a custom option whereby you can use an existing theme and add your fave emojis or like me, add initials or wording on top of the original case design. The alternative option offered is to create a case using personal photos and images.

A smart phone case costs £11.30 with free shipping on every order.

I am so happy with the service of the company and the product they delivered me. That is why I encourage you all to visit and grab your very own chic case to keep your phone nice and snug!

Follow @casecompanyworld on Instagram and ‘casecompany’ on Snapchat for updates on giveaways and discounts. – -> #casecompanyworld

**promotional post**




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