Super snacks to calm that post gym hanger

If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand how necessary post gym snacking is. I’m not talking about sitting down and cracking open that packet of digestives or chocolate bar on the Luas home, but rather a small protein ball or fruity bite to curb the hunger and prevent the dreaded fridge raiding.

I have searched high and low for you all and compiled a list of the best, yummy post gym treats that you can pack into your gym bag.

Fulfill Protein Bars:

These vitamin and protein bars are beyond tasty and come in four different flavours; peanut and caramel, cookies and cream, coconut and chocolate and strawberry and vanilla. With less than 3gs of sugar and gluten free, these little bars will save the day after a mega fat burning session at the gym.


 Boost Bites: 

Partnered with Greens and Co, these little bursts of energy are a new Irish company that are sure to curb that post gym craving for food. Vegan, raw, and energy boosting, these snacks come in a reusable pouch so you can keep chomping on them all day.


The Protein Ball Co snack packet: 

A personal fave, these little packets of mini protein balls are yummy and filling. Coming in coconut and macadamia, sweet and salty and goji and coconut flavours this product is made with completely raw and natural ingredients.


Bounce Balls: 

Probably the more well known product of the four, these protein balls are a god send. With a variety of different flavours, they are vegetarian, high in protein and a light bite that doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and uncomfortable full after eating.


So all my fellow hangry gymers, get yourself to the nearest health food shop and stock up. The days of feeling empty after a workout are now over!




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