Corruption killing the Fashion Industry one social media star at a time

The world’s most disputed industry, fashion has always seemed to march to the beat of its own drum and follow its own set of guidelines. Morals and corruption have been called into question many a time, however it never seems to change the way it operates. Has the recent marriage of social media culture and high fashion campaigns been a push too far for the industry or has it helped it stand a little firmer on its feet in the digital age of 2016?

The social media craze of this day and age has managed to corrupt almost every industry but I don’t think we ever thought it would mangle its paws on the glossy covers of the magazine world and catwalks around the globe.


Fashion is prestigious. It is an art form and a widely respected creative venture. So when we see a reality TV star grace the cover of the most anticipated September issue of the most iconic fashion platform in the world, most would let out a disappointed sigh and come to terms with the state of corruption their beloved industry has fallen captive to.

The likes of Kendall Jenner, “model” or no model, appearing on the cover of the Vogue September issue and beauty blogger Amanda Steele securing Vogue Italia is simply not what is expected from what used to be such a traditional industry. Never before would social media stars even dream of being offered such an opportunity. Modeling jobs were left to the professionals, real models, the core of the industry, not to whoever has the most followers on Instagram.


attends Teen Vogue Celebrates the 13th Annual Young Hollywood Issue with Emporio Armani on October 2, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.

With escapades such as the ones mentioned above, the industry can be seen to be highlighting personalities, thus taking away from what was always the most important talking point, the garment. Nobody cared about the actual clothes released by Louis Vuitton earlier this year, the hype was centered on Selena Gomez taking the front and centre spot as their campaign girl.


Modeling as a profession has now been placed in front of the gates of extinction. It won’t be needed as a profession for much longer. Magazines and brands will simply turn on the Internet and pluck the most popular name to be an ambassador for their product. Real models will be out of work, unable to meet the target sales due to their lack of identity and popularity.


This, I feel is a real shame. Corruption ruins things. Lets join our hands in prayer that it does not ruin our favorite fashion industry.

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