Five of the best drop in fitness classes in Dublin

While I am in a committed relationship with my gym membership, I have found that every once in a while it can be fun to branch out and explore other class timetables to keep my fitness regime fun and interesting. I love finding different ways to exercise and fight the fat!

Hence why I have taken the time to compile this list of Dublin’s hidden gems when it comes to fitness classes in the city.

Rebel Barre:

A relatively new venture, this barre company is now open in Temple Lane Rehearsal Studios. Teaching various barre classes, it is the perfect way to spice up your fitness routine and have fun at the same time. Barre is a fab form or exercise as it combines ballet inspired exercises, HITT training and Pilates to sculpt and tone. Classes cost €16 and €13 with a student card or under waged.



Dublin’s very own version of the trendy cycling studios that are taking over the fitness world. Located in Long Mile Road, Dublin 12, this neon lit studio is the perfect place to work up a sweat in style. With pumping music and fantastic instructors and only €6 per class, this spin studio is a must try!


Raw Gym:

Located in Portobello and now Sandyford as well, this has been doubed Dublin’s best training experience. Boasting a large floor of equipment including free weights and machines, this gym also offers a huge variety of training classes that are sure to leave you fit as a fiddle such as TRX, Boxercise and Yoga.


Insanity Fitzone:

This gym found in Unit 2, Palmerstown, is home to some of the most dedicated professionals who will whip you into shape in no time with the timetable of intense fitness classes they offer. The warehouse-esque gym also provides a sense of community allowing everyone to get involved with the company. Single classes are €10.



The chain that is slowly taking over Dublin, FYLEfit is a low cost gym with a no strings attached membership policy. Open 24/7 with a new branch in Dundrum coming soon, you can check out the huge timetable of classes whilst on a day pass for just €9.


Remember exercise and fitness is all about enjoyment and generating a positive lifestyle. We all know the struggle of having to drag yourself out of the warm cosy bed to hit the gym so why not mix it up and get excited? As the old saying goes; time flies when you’re having fun so go on and give these places a try!



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