Touring the Turner Prize 2016

Modern, contemporary art is not something I will ever claim to be an expert on, however it is something I enjoy exploring and observing. My interest in the subject was fuelled last month when my friend opened my eyes to the work of the Turner Prize.


The award, housed by Tate Britain allows a selection of shortlisted artists under fifty, born, living or working in Britain to be acknowledged for an outstanding exhibition or public presentation of their work anywhere in the world in the previous year.


This year boasted the pieces of Michael Dean, Anthea Hamilton, Helen Marten and Josephine Pryde.

I have to admit I am not the best at interpreting the meaning behind artwork and looking to the core of the piece to establish the feeling and mood of the artist but I did enjoy floating around the corridors filled with erratically placed household items and one massive sculpture of a golden bottom!

Helen Marten:

2016-10-17 14.33.35.jpg

2016-10-17 14.35.07.jpg










Anthea Hamilton:

2016-10-17 15.54.32.jpg

2016-10-17 14.38.11.jpg

2016-10-17 14.38.25.jpg

2016-10-17 14.40.23.jpg

2016-10-17 14.40.16.jpg

2016-10-17 14.38.28.jpg

Josephine Pryde:

2016-10-17 14.44.25.jpg

2016-10-17 14.47.27.jpg

2016-10-18 14.11.20.jpg

Michael Dean: 

2016-10-17 14.49.25.jpg

2016-10-17 14.51.02.jpg

2016-10-17 14.52.15.jpg

2016-10-17 14.50.54.jpg

Having witnessed all the exhibitions, the one I found myself captivated by was the work of Anthea Hamilton. The lady behind said golden bottom aesthetically filled her space with wallpaper bricks and a suit of the same pattern hanging from the ceiling. I found her art humorous and the most interesting to look at.

The weird and wacky display is most enjoyable. It will be interesting to see who takes home the award. The winner is set to be announced in 2017 at the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull.

A lovely afternoon is to be had should you choose to take my advice and wander round the peaceful gallery and if nothing else the art work makes for fab Instagram posts!


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