On Screen Style Icons That Make TV Worth Watching

Serena van der Woodsen

The queen of the upper east side is known for her sophisticated, chic style filled with slim denim, knee high boots and the perfect blazer to top it off. Never a hair out of place, this character has earned her spot as a fabulous fashion icon.



Carrie Bradshaw

Being the main character in the show that introduced the idea of fashionable TV, the Sex and the City star celebrates fashion like no other before her. From glamour in its highest degree to the wackiest outfits that make you question her sanity, this girl is definitely not afraid to push boundaries.


Chanel Oberlin

Other than the gory scenes and star -studded cast, Scream Queens gathered attention this year for another reason. The fashion world found a new icon to drool over in the form of Emma Robert’s character, Chanel. Displaying all the hottest trends of the year, this fashion forward sorority queen showed the world how to rock the faux fur jacket and made every girl super jel at the sight of her couture wardrobe.

ff7d2ad5_ScreamQueens_Pilot101-Campus_0097_f_hires2.xxxlarge_2x screamqueens_courtesy

Jessica Day

New Girl’s leading lady definitely embodies the mantra of style matching personality and paves the way for original fashion. Fun, flirty skirts and dresses covered in polka dots are key elements of this characters wardrobe paired with cardigans and bright colours. This character reminds the world that fashion can be fun.



Cher Horowitz

The undeniably stylish school -girl is an international icon with people everywhere coping the Cher look. Embodying 90s school girl chic, this character’s wardrobe is full of plaid mini skirt combos, knee -high socks and sheer shirts. The classic preppy chic style seen in the film is relevant today as many of the trends emerged on catwalks and in high street shops this year.

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Who’s your favorite on-screen style icon?

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