A self – care staycation

2020…WHAT.A.YEAR. It’s something none of us could’ve ever predicted being remotely possible. The whole world literally came to a stand still for the guts of six months and I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted from it all. There’s been good days, bad days and everything in between and so in the midst of all the chaos my mom, sister and I decided to treat ourselves to a much needed spa mini break. Destination of choice: Powerscourt Springs, mission: pure relaxation.


On arrival at the hidden oasis at the foot of Powerscourt Waterfall, we could immediately feel the zen vibes floating in the atmosphere. The health and wellness hotel has only been open for a short time but already has established itself as one of a kind in Ireland. Decked out with an indoor pool, treatment rooms, yoga and meditation studio and a delicious restaurant, the whole place is designed to make all your troubles vanish on stepping foot inside. We booked in for one night and couldn’t wait to don the grey, fluffy robes for a 24 hr self-care session.

Speaking of robes, the hotel operates a policy whereby they encourage you to wear your robes all day, including for breakfast, only requiring you to dress for dinner. Now, that little nugget of information was music to my ears – a hotel breakfast in PJs!! Cosy and comfortable, we dumped our bags in the room and headed to the spa area for our facials (which were incredible, by the way).



Pampered and fresh, it was time to grab a book and drink in the scenery of the 38 acres surrounding the property. From our window we would wake up to the gorgeous outline of Djouce mountain and meadows at its base. The silence of the place and friendly staff were already making us feel like we’d definitely made the right decision in checking in here.

Despite it being a wellness hotel, what I really liked about the place was that it allowed you to tailor your stay to individual tastes. If you wanted to go full in with a detox type stay, lock away your phone in a cupboard and drink juice, that’s exactly what you could do BUT if you’re more like us and wanted the relaxation with a few cocktails to go with it, that’s perfectly fine too. With that in mind, we dressed for dinner and found a seat in the bar for a quick G&T before eating.


A round of drinks down, we made our way to the bright, airy restaurant where we watched the sun dip behind the clouds.  Dinner was great – a very varied menu, again with options that catered to all your dietary needs (vegans included). Full and satisfied, it was back to the room again for a good nights sleep.

Waking up the next morning was made all the sweeter by not having to hurriedly pull on jeans before they finished up with breakfast. Robe clad and slippers on feet, we strolled down the corridor for a plate of french toast and hot coffee. Once we were done with that, there was just enough time to have a wander round the grounds before the rain hit and pack up the car for the short journey home.

Had we had longer there, we definitely would’ve taken advantage of the yoga and meditation classes, but overall it was a great night away, perfect for a quick escape to the country – 10/10 would recommend!

*For more information, visit https://www.powerscourtsprings.ie

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