2018: Where have I been?

So I am for sure a little late to the party with the new year new me – esque posts as it is already one week into March, however in true Luce style it’s better late then never. Actually scrap that, this post is less of a resolution stating list but rather a life update and an explanation for the lack of activity on my blog since I first started writing almost two years ago now.


As of this moment, I am still in Kent undertaking my final year of my journalism degree and by God am I looking forward to May when summer is calling and deadlines are, well, DEAD! I’m currently in the midst of my dissertation with T-minus 20 days until submission so to say stress levels are high is only a slight understatement. Finishing Uni is possibly one of the most rollar-coastery experiences to drag yourself through and while there is excitement, a feeling of blind panic is more suitable to describe my state of mind. Unlike most 20 – something year- olds in this day and age I have zero clue what I want my life to look like. This stage in life used to excite me with all the possibilities and I would be lying to say that feeling has completely disappeared BUT no one ever tells you how scary it feels to not have a single notion of what is waiting for you once you throw that cap in the air and turn your back on endless nights of drinking and late night cram sessions with very little cares in the world. At 21, I am still in love with fashion and it’s beautiful industry so I have a feeling it’s keeping a little corner warm for me for when I’m ready but who knows when that will be, I still feel like I’m 15!!


The summer just past has to be one of the best so far. Holidaying to America with my family was a highlight. We launched ourselves into NYC and Florida full force and I’ve never enjoyed a trip so much (stay tuned for a very belated post on this experience. It was too good not to share!). Work and career prospects soared for me with a two month internship at Irish Tatler magazine and a stint at London Fashion Week interning with the JOSEPH press office (both of which will have their time in the spotlight with dedicated posts btw) and my personal life wasn’t too shabby either with a Grecian getaway and regular trips up North (Northern Ireland, that is) discovering all my little home country has to offer and the amazing people that come with it.


Like anything, life always has it’s ups and downs and good times are often accompanied with struggle and many, many breakdowns (they become a regular occurrence in a final year student’s existence!) Falling out with friends, anxiety and adapting to change are all part of growing up, so I’m rather quickly and painfully learning, and I have most certainly gained a new appreciation for genuinity (Yes, I’m aware I may have just made that word up but I’m sure you can catch the gist).


As for my little blog. It’s been so neglected as I got caught up in life and I lost my love for spilling my thoughts on a page. However, as I am now freelancing in feature writing for Northern Woman magazine and rekindling my passion, the time has come again to resurrect it from the dead and hopefully create an enjoyable read for those kind enough to take a look at what I have to say. I plan to share a lot more Uni tips, fashion, career, travel and lifestyle bits and bobs so watch this space!


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