My balls have soul, do yours?

In February 2017, Nadra Shah set up Kitchen & Soul, a nutritious endeavour with a wholesome ethos. I recently was given the opportunity to experience her vision when I was sent a box of her energy balls.


A sufferer from depression, Nadra sought to focus her energy into creating a positive, natural relationship with food that brought happiness inside and out. Her aim is to create, ” a sense of community and [help] others to feel good about themselves is what it is all about. It is a Kitchen with Soul.” After reading through her inspiring story, I was delighted to find that the product of her passion was even more fulfilling.

In a beautifully packaged box, I was gifted four packets of energy balls, each a different flavour. Attempting to get back to the grind after admittedly falling off the fitness wagon before I go on holiday to Greece, the healthy energy snacks arrived at the perfect time!


Rolled by hand, Soul Balls are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, diary free, refined sugar free, basically the healthiest snack substitute I have come across to date, and yet taste beyond yummy. This woman is a wizard! They not only feed your appetite, but your soul too as they contain natural ingredients, they are high in fibre, energy releasing and have the healing mineral properties of Copper and Manganese.

So, the first ball I tried was the Tahini Surprise. This ball is filled with tahini, macadamia, date and cinnamon. I cannot tell you how happy I was to have this in my bag to munch on after work before the gym.


My next ball was the Zest for Life. Made with coconut, cashew, orange and cardamom, this ball was by far the most refreshing bite. It even smells amazing.


Enjoying my experience so far with the Soul Balls, I was eager to see whether the active ingredients actually did what they said on the tin. The Kick Start ball was proof of that. It was four o’clock, my usual slump time and I decided to substitute my fattening cup of sugary coffee for the Soul Ball I had stashed in my bag. I have to honestly say I felt revived and satisfied for longer than I usually did on my caffeine high. This one is made from goji, cranberry, maca and chilli and definitely gives you the kick it promises!


Finally, and this was the one I was most looking forward to trying, I gobbled down the last of my packets, the Chocolate Bomb. Anyone that knows me, has an inkling that I have a major addiction to chocolate. I’ve tried every trick in the book, every healthy substitute available and nothing ever comes close to that sweet sensation when the chocolate hits your taste buds. Nothing had come close until now, and I say this with all honesty. It genuinely has a taste of chocolate but is made from good ingredients; cocoa, date, chia and turmeric.


So, as you can tell from the gushing words above, I am a huge fan of these energy balls. They’re helping me with staying on track and better yet, they taste amazing and I don’t have to force myself to take a bite for the sake of the bikini. I would recommend Nadra’s Soul Balls to everyone and I promise you’ll be as satisfied as I am.

Each packet costs £3.00

Follow her on social media:

Facebook & Instagram @kitchensoulfood 
PHOTO CREDIT: Joseph Conway

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