Six of the healthiest cafes Dublin has to offer

There have been countless occasions when I have started a healthy week, been sticking to my gym routine and consuming good, wholesome foods. Then a friend calls asking to have lunch or coffee and all that good work flies out the window. The sweet smell of cakes and chips overwhelms me and I think, “ it’s an occasion, I’m out and plus there’s nothing healthy on the menu.”


Sound familiar? Well never fear! I have scouted out all the healthy spots in Dublin town so that you can chat and watch that waistline all in the one place.



You can find this little café on the second floor of BT2 on Grafton Street. Home of the juice, this haven provides a cool, calm environment to snack healthy and indulge in some shopping as well.



Joe’s Coffee:

Located in Arnotts, Dublin, Montague and Kildare Village, this sister company to Hatch and Sons offers the feel and taste of the classic coffee spot with a healthy twist. The diverse menu offers options for all you fit enthusiasts along with the best cup of coffee I have tasted in a while.




The perfect stop off when you’re running out of work for a quick lunch or need something portable but don’t want to opt for the meal deal in Tesco. This salad bar has a menu so large that it will take you longer to choose what you want than it will to eat it!


Urban Health:

Tucked away in Ranelagh, this salad and juice bar offers more than just a sit in experience. The shop has a range of cleanses to try that can be purchased in store along with a variety of health food brands. This shop really lends a helping hand to those of us on a mission to be fit and healthy.



Sprout & Co:

Known for its juice bar and organic ingredients, this spot is perfect for anyone cleansing or wanting a refreshing pit stop. Offering plenty of cleansing packages tried and tested by the likes of Millie Mackintosh, Sprout is an ultimate must do for all the health seekers out there.



The gluten free frozen yoghurt shop people go ape for is perfect for sweet cravings and treat days. The cool spot has a selection of healthy breakfast options and yoghurts that are to die for, not forgetting Roz Purcell’s Natural Born Feeder range that is stocked up behind the counter.




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