Fashion Journalism at Conde Nast College

In early September, I was lucky enough to attend the Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design to partake in their one week fashion journalism course. Still not totally decided on the area of journalism I would like to a have a fabulously glamorous career in, this was the perfect opportunity to either fall in love with, or rule out a path in fashion writing.

Photo 16-09-2016, 16 59 42.jpg

Photo 16-09-2016, 16 59 34.jpg

From the get go I was in awe. For starters, the building, tucked away in the backstreets of Soho, was ever so chic. All the interior was white. The college has its own studio for the student stylists to work on shoots and I couldn’t help but peer eagerly through the glass doors as I waited in line at registration. On arrival, we were each given a name tag and a canvas bag bearing the college logo. I was in a state of disbelief at my opportunity that never faded throughout the duration of my stay.

Photo 16-09-2016, 16 59 15.jpg

Photo 16-09-2016, 16 59 06.jpg

The course was intensive. From the very first hour we were taking in torrents of information from industry professionals who spoke with such poise and finesse you couldn’t help but be fascinated by every word spilling from their mouths. The lessons were captivating and I really felt like I was getting value for money as I scribbled down every word in an effort to archive all the tips and tricks I was certain I would not obtain anywhere else.

Photo 15-09-2016, 15 57 36.jpg

As well as fixed timetabled lessons, the short course also offered the opportunity of a class trip to see the Bjorg Exhibition at Somerset House, a talk from guest speaker Lou Stoppard, editor of SHOW Studio and the coveted trip to Vogue House on the Friday.

Photo 24-09-2016, 23 43 16.jpg

The visit to Vogue House was an experience and a half. It is definitely in my top 10 amazing life moments. I could not believe that I was sat in the board room of the most iconic magazine company in the world and being spoken to by actual individuals who have a job there. It was invaluable and so interesting to understand that people who work at Vogue are not monstrously scary, vain bitches who spend their days stabbing each other in the back and blistering their feet in sky scrapper stilettos. They were lovely, friendly, helpful people who looked and acted just like we did. It was a reassuring insight into a possible job path and I felt much less intimidated about entering the whole fashion magazine arena.


Photo 16-09-2016, 10 50 36.jpg

My experience at the college will only ever be remembered as a fully positive one. The friendly atmosphere, sense of determination and drive and helpful open-ness of the staff working there makes it a place of nourishment and success.

I feel I found some enthusiasm for journalism that I was slightly lacking during my time at the college. I left feeling inspired, and with a whole set of international friends that I know I will have for a long time.

Despite there being a relatively heavy price tag, the college fully lives up to the name written on the door and does the Conde Nast corporation proud. It truly was the best week I have had and has given me a new sense of direction and confidence to go back to uni with as I pursue a career in fashion journalism.

Photo 16-09-2016, 17 55 10.png

*dungarees: Zara, shirt: Zara, bag: Zara, shoes: Adidas Superstars 



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