‘Are you a player or a watcher?’ Nerve; the must see movie of the summer

For a while now, nothing at the cinema has been particularly striking. Nothing has broken boundaries or had the ability to leave a lasting impression on audiences, the very component that fuels the cinema industry. Nothing has impressed, until the release of  ‘Nerve’.

With a fantastic combination of romance, modernization, and thrill, this movie has the perfect ingredients to serve up an award-winning dish of film excellence. The exploration of the taboo subject; the dark web, is brilliantly illustrated and hauntingly reveals a glimpse at a dangerous future we are possibly gliding towards where nothing is out of reach to those who know where to find it.

The story pivots around the life of teenager Vee, played by Emma Roberts, and her attempt to escape her cautious nature by signing up to play the online game ‘Nerve’. What she encounters along the path of the dark web forum will change her life in more ways than she could ever have expected. A hurricane of sinister twists and turns are approaching the Jersey girl’s regular life and they are catalyzed by the arrival of the gorgeous Dave Franco and his character Ian.

A former player of ‘Nerve’, and a prisoner of the anonymous faces behind the warped black game of control and extortion, Ian makes waves in the young females life from the moment he walks into it as the planted victim of her first dare. The pair fall into a love alliance and face many challenges as they battle against the game and work together to free themselves from the grasps of a world below the surface of our screens.

Without spoiling the whole story, the epic thriller, directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, does have a happy ending you may or may not be comforted to hear. However it extends beyond a finite ending. True, the credits role, the lights come on and everyone exits the theatre, but there is a lingering feeling you cannot shake. A shivering sensation stays with your body for a while after the experience as your mind digests the ominous concepts extracted by the filmmakers and played out by the fabulous cast.

Though provoking, memorable and shocking are three words suited to the description of this movie and a viewing would not be a regrettable action. It most certainly leaves you asking yourself, ‘are you a watcher or a player?’

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One thought on “‘Are you a player or a watcher?’ Nerve; the must see movie of the summer

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