Me, Myself and I

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IMG_6009Finally, after years of procrastinating, conjuring up every hurdle and excuse in the book, I have sat down and started a blog.

These days blogging is all the rage so I figured it is probably a band wagon I should hop right on considering I am, after all, a journalism student.

Having just finished my first year at university, I feel like now is the right time to enter the blogasphere. I have grown up, am independent and have definitely made every mistake you can possibly make in the space of 365 days, which must grant me the right to call myself at least an intermediate level expert on that wonderful thing we call life.

Writing is something I have engaged myself in all my life. I enjoy it. It is somewhat of a passion and I am happy that I have eventually  set up a platform to test my skills and share with an audience (however large or small), my thoughts, opinions and little life adventures.

This blog has a variety of different sub headings and hopefully will have something for anyone who happens to stumble across my little corner of the world wide web.

Sharing, liking and social mediaing my site would be much appreciated.

You can also keep up to date with any new blog activity through the channels Instagram : @luceblogger and Twitter : @luceblogger

I really hope I can entertain and add a little something extra to the daily routine with my posts and content.

Yours truly,

Lucy xx

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