Welcome to my Fit Bit

So, this is my Fit Bit. A little section I have created to share fitness and beauty tips and tricks with you all, that I have come across in my on going quest to become a tight, toned fitspo worthy female.


Fitness and health have always been an interest of mine but I also struggle with a horrendous addiction to chocolate and all things sweet. Never fully satisfied with my efforts, I am hoping that by setting up this segment I will learn to practice what I preach and finally achieve my fitness goals I have had for years.



I am in no way claiming to be an expert on anything, I am just a girly that is sick of feeling like I have no energy and of feeling guilty that I skipped gym and went to Starbucks instead!


As a uni student in the UK, I am all over that struggle when it comes to time management, cooking and motivation when faced with temptations that are so much more appealing than sweating it out in a gym full of people with perfect arms and abs for daysss. Never the less, I do believe we can do this!


Hopefully, with some trial and error on my part resulting in some advice, recommendations and discoveries that will benefit you lot, we will be on our way to bodies like Kayla Itsines and that easy breezy positivity that goes along with it!




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